last days of Anish Kapoor in Berlin

The Anish Kapoor show is the last two days on display in Martin-Gropius Bau in Berlin. Today there were so many in the museum, so that one can see that people in Berlin are quite interested in contemporary art and culture in general. Some come to Berlin just for a weekend so that not only museums are full these two days. Wax bricks were periodically falling in the main atrium hall at the entrance of the exhibition. The red sun resembling one of Eliasson was greeting the visitors. The hall was full with wax collected on the floor during the exhibition. There were also pools of blood underneath the wax probably because it’s quite warm in the museum and the pigment has melted.
Each time the red brick was coming to the edge of the “escalator” people gathered at the barrier. One should admit, that guards work quite well there and I was asked to take the camera away quite a few times. So some art pieces demonstrated there will remain in secret for my readers.
What did I want to say? Just lost my thought. Anyway I have many thoughts. So I asked myself, do people know what they will see in the exhibition or they come because it’s a well-know artist, or because the place has a good name or because they are excited to see the pieces in original? That’s interesting, how some exhibitions attract many visitors and some no. It’s almost the same question though what makes an art to be a good art, but still not the same as you may not like it at all but still be curious to see it. As it was said in the brochure: “Anish Kapoor is fascinated by red color” which seems to be true. And use tomorrow to see the show.
I went to the exhibition with a friend of mine who said he was going to the same school as Anish Kapoor. Probably, his name will be as well-known as Anish Kapoor in a couple of years.


The Lost



Can’t wait to see that really special screening next Friday, Nov.15 within Videoart at Midnight Reynold Reynold’s ‘The Lost’. The film is based on a film that was shot in Berlin in 1930s but could not be finished because of the political situation at the time. Reynold Reynolds worked with found footage and recreated as much as he could in different locations in Berlin.

The film was thought by Reynolds in 7 loops each talks about one aspects of the story and when you see all the parts you put them together in your mind. 

Next Friday the film will be show on one huge screen of course as the event takes place in a cinema. It is to be discussed if it’s appropriate to change the way the film is shown depending on locations. Recently, Candice Breitz was showing her pieces in the same place in Kino Babylon and each time she showed the installation view first to give an idea how it was thought by an artist, then apologized and after that shoved her works on one screen. Some she showed after one another, some merged together in one screen. 

I wonder if there will be a live music performance friday night as it was on its premiere in Berlin?!


The Lost
7-channel film installation (15-20min/loop)  // 110 min. feature film

website of reynold reynolds

taxi driver

It was such a nice weather today. One can not even imagine how much the weather matters to people. When the weather is sunny, the mood is so great that you thing you can do everything today and ready for any deed.

I was transporting all that equipment for a film workshop today. First I thought to go by public transport, though I should admit, that even the weather can’t make you do more that you can.

We are having women at work seminar this week and today I was listening to a lecture about film funding. It’s a pity that there is almost no organization that funds student projects with an exception of dffb and a film school in Potsdam that have special agreement with institutions. Teresa Hoefert de Turegano is a funding advisor at the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany) for international co-productions. She is very professional in her field and the advice she gave was before you apply to any fund understand how decisions are made and take personal contact with advisors and people who already got that funding.

wish a good mood to everyone!


from my project about superstitions – don’t get up from your bed with a left leg – the whole day will be unhappy

art VS love

Today my professor told me that art for us artists is more important than love. And she is so right. Well, I seem to be not a good artist.